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The Daily Dish: Channing Tatum Is Taking A Break From Social Media

The Daily Dish - August 8th, 2019
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Will Lori Loughlin Now Plead Guilty To Spare Her Daughters?

The Daily Dish - April 23rd, 2019
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Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Broke Her Social Media Silence 

The Daily Dish - November 7th, 2018
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Taylor Swift performs after the Formula One qualifying session for the United States Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas.

Taylor Swift Breaks Her Political Silence

The Daily Dish: October 8th, 2018
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Chris Pratt Helps This Game Show Surprise One Of Their Players

I couldn't stop laughing at her tweets. Too funny! Video of CHRIS PRATT is on our Game Show!
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Dukes of Hazzard Star John Schneider Sent To Jail

Dukes of Hazzard Star John Schneider Sent To Jail John Schneider has reportedly been sentenced to three days in jail for not paying over $150,000 in spousal support that was due to his estranged wife, Elvira “Elly” Schneider, by mid-March. On top of going to jail, John Schneider will also have to...
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Facebook's New Changes

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Instagram Might Bring The Chronological Feed Back

Don’t you dare get our hopes up, Instagram! Word on the street is Instagram is considering reverting back to showing posts in your feed in chronological order. The app, owned by Facebook, switched over to an algorithm-based feed in 2016. That feed shows you posts that the algorithm has decided to...
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Facebook is Finally Removing The Poke Button

Facebook is (finally) saying buh-bye to one of its creepier features. That's right, it is time to say goodbye to the poke option. If you'll recall this is the feature where it just left a notification for the user that you had "poked" them. Seriously, who came up with that in the first place? Why...
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