Tiger Woods Arrested For A DUI

Tiger Woods Arrested For A DUI Tiger Woods has been arrested on DUI charges in Jupiter, Florida. He was stopped by cops early yesterday morning for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Cops saw Tiger Woods "driving erratically, all over the road" when they pulled him over. The cops...
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Man Dresses Like A Woman To Avoid Arrest And Ends Up Looking Similar To Steven Tyler

Man dresses like a woman to avoid the police, and he ends up looking very similar to Steven Tyler.
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Woman Calls The Cops On Her Husband For Not Buying Her Ice Cream

A Woman in Nashville called the police because her hushand wouldn't go get her some ice cream. And, when the cops came and told her they were going to arrest her for filing a false police report, she jumped out of a bathroom window. It was a short foot chase, and she was arrested. OVER ICE CREAM...
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