Memphis-Filmed Movie, Brian Banks, Is Out In Theaters NOW!

Friday, August 9th

Acclaimed Hollywood director and Memphis resident Tom Shadyac premiered his new movie, Brian Banks, at Malco Paradiso Cinema Grill and IMAX last night. The movie, which was filmed in Memphis, shines a light on the racial injustices people of color continue to face in the United States. Ryan and Michelle got to be there for the premiere and wanted to share their experience from last night.

Some Of The Cast:

Aldis Hodge - Brian Banks

Greg Kinnear - Justin Brooks

Sherri Shepherd - Leomia

Melanie Liburd - Karina

Tiffany Dupont - Alissa Bjerkhoel

Morgan Freeman even makes a cameo as Jerome Johnson, Brian Bank's juvenile prisoner counselor that changed his life.

Shadyac was inspired to do this movie not just by Brian Banks, but also from the kids he's teaching here in Memphis. Much like Brian Banks' story, Shadyac is teaching kids here in Memphis that they can overcome their obstacles. He has invested $11 million into Memphis Rox, a climbing gym for kids. Make sure you check them out today at