[UPDATE] This New Hollywood Couple Is 31 Years Apart And...

March 29, 2016
The update is that my warning was accurate - This was an April Fools' Day prank. 
Jessica admitted it in an Instagram video - The whole thing was to promote her music video (and remind people that she exists):

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Original story below...
Honestly, I'm not sure what puncuation to use.

...Are Engaged! ...Are Engaged? 

Jon Lovitz, 58, an SNL alum and Jessica Lowndes, 27, from the CW 90210 reboot, are engaged. Yup, that's a 31-year age difference.

Yes, we are close to April Fools' Day but maybe these fools are just in love. Or he's a fool and she loves his money? Whatever. 

Then it gets a little...

And then there's the rock...

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Photo: USA Today