Wahlburgers: When Is It Finally Coming To Memphis?

July 31, 2018

Wahlburgers has been on its way to Memphis for quite a while now. In fact, it should have been opened already.

Now there's a new update from Memphis Business Journal:

When the restaurant chain first announced its Beale Street location last year, the company was hoping to open within six months, according to a broker involved in the deal. More than 13 months later, the restaurant — backed by A-list actor and producer Mark Wahlberg and his family — doesn't appear close to opening.

The problem has been sewage, Downtown Memphis Commission president Jennifer Oswalt said.

"They hit a significant sewer issue that's still being resolved," Oswalt said. "[On Beale Street], utilities are always a challenge."

In Wahlburgers' case, the sewage problem was complicated by the fact that the restaurant is subleasing the 349 Beale Street space.

Despite the challenges, Oswalt said she's hoping the burger joint will be able to open this fall. Wahlburgers did not respond to a request for comment.