Viral Video: Deer Running Through Kroger

February 18, 2020
Viral Video

ZIONSVILLE, IN - Shoppers at an Indiana Kroger were in for a big surprise when a deer tore through the grocery store Saturday evening

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Brigitte Dan was shopping with her mom and two children at the Zionsville location of the supermarket chain when she recorded the obviously startled deer sprinting down the store aisles.

In a still shot of the deer, it can be seen jumping over the meat counter, appearing to momentarily get stuck.

In video uploaded to Facebook by Dan, the animal is also seen running down an aisle at the end of the store while employees chased after it.

Dan added that the deer was clearly hurt from running into items in the store.

“My my... she was very scared from the special attentions from other shoppers! She was hurt from jumping over the meat/seafood glass counter! Her nose was bleeding,” she wrote.

The deer was eventually able to exit the store on its own.