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Screwy News homeruns! these are good.

Screwy fun facts: Red Solo cups are a popular souvenir for European tourists to take home after they visit. Weird. Now back to the screwy stuff: 1) A couple in Nova Scotia got into an argument on Monday about whether a friend was too drunk to drive...and he responded by lighting their house on fire... Read More

This Week In Memphis: huge stuff

The fun stuff kicks in this week> pick one or two and get out and socialize a bit 1) Art on Tap at the Dixon Gardens friday night. always fun 2) Across the street from the Dixon: Little Big Town for "live at the Garden" 3) Zoo rendezvous- 80 restaurants and four stages of fun for saturday. Helps... Read More

Dumb criminals of the week!

Dumber than Dumb. 1) 2 guys in Maryland robbed a bar on Tuesday night...but they didn't realize it was filled with COPS for a retirement party. They were arrested for armed robbery 2) A guy tried to rob an MMA studio in California on tuesday night...but one of the fighters knocked the gun out of... Read More

The number one thing to never do at a Restaurant

Never ever send food back to the kitchen. Bad things happen to food that is sent back....I don't want to scare you but it is not a good practice....chefs get angry and get tired of you sending things back....some nights are worse than others...never do it. Just get out and don't go back if not... Read More

Flashback time: Michael-Magic and ron?

Flashback tuesday: It's Michael Jackson's birthday. Here he is with the Jacksons and Magic Johnson and Magic ron olson. Love this shot. The jacksons were starting their "victory" tour in Memphis. This was all before his world fell apart. Magic Johnson was a brand new NBA player. I sat with him,... Read More

Time to Give

What can you do to help Texas? Roll up your sleeve at Lifeblood or pledge to the red cross. Text "HARVEY" to 90999. Lets go Memphis. Read More

Where to watch the Solar Eclipse in Memphis: Ron Olson

Memphis will see 93% totality of the solar eclipse MONDAY at 1:22pm. – The Memphis Redbirds are having a day game during the Eclipse at AutoZone Park. It starts at the exact time the eclipse will start in Memphis, which is 11:52am. First 5,000 in attendance will receive a pair of eclipse glasses... Read More

New Food Sensation!

New Food Sensation. I discovered the 'BURGER DOG" in San Francisco last week. It's like a hot dog but instead of hot dog it's a long piece of hamburger. Perfect combo. It could take off if offered in Memphis. Attention Sonic- Hueys- The dirty Crow. Boom . you are welcome. PS: it was really... Read More

What are the Top 6 guy trips? Take a guess.

New list: The top six "guy Trips". Guys love to hang and go places with their buds. Here is the list. 1) An Alaskan cruise (not sure why this is on the list) 2)A golf trip to Florida (I'm going on one to california next week...and I can't wait) 3) A road trip through Kentucky's "Bourbon Trail" 4)... Read More