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screwy news: great new stories.

The Texas state fair will have some crazy food on the menu...Including fruit loops and deep fried chicken noodle soup. A baggage handler in Singapore is facing up to a year in jail for intentionally switching the tags on almost 300 pieces of luggage so they went to the wrong locations. (is that... Read More

It's all about the Grapes: Live in the Vineyard

Live in The Vineyard> Napa Valley baby. Grand prize -roundtrip airfare- 3 night luxury stay at the Napa River Inn. Tons of music and chillin. 7-11-2 and 5pm...listen for the code word. I took this picture myself back in august. Amazing trip. love ron Read More

Zombie Apocalypse PLan : just in case. what would you do?

How to survive one. 11% of us have a plan in case there is a Zombie apocalypse. 1) find a good place to hide. 45% said that was there number one plan. 2)Gather food and water and supplies. 3) Relocate. get out of the big city 4) Find weapons. (shovels work fine) 5) Go out and kill zombies 6) take a... Read More

6 Reasons why you are always tired!

Six reasons you are always tired 1)you are surrounded by NEGATIVE people. 2)Your love life is non-existent 3) Not enough Magnesium in your diet. Have you ever thought about this? Not me. A few food that might help: nuts-seeds-beans-avocados and leafy greens. 4)You never work out.Youneed two and a... Read More

Three fun things to do today

Three fun things to do today. 1) Memphis redbirds tonight at one. Go Birds. 2) Sign up for the west Clinic "fighton" event at shelby farms. Bike,walk crawl...the fight goes on against cancer. Got to (bring the family) 3) single tickets available while they last for the... Read More

Screwy news for today: check it out.

Victoria Beckham works out two hours a day. That is screwy! There's an actual Pumpkin Spice Latte Purse for committed insane fans only. (like Michelle) Florida Alligators may be on the loose big time after Hurricane Irma. Believe it or not, a new study found that eating fast food can actually... Read More

Is having a house Keeper worth it?

Great Question: Is having a house keeper worth it? Here are some reasons why. 1) A house cleaner forces us to keep it together. We clean up a bunch before she gets she can get the hard stuff done. 2) It keeps you from nagging your husband and all the kids to CLEAN UP. 3) You get to spend... Read More