You are so Memphis!

November 8, 2017

You are so Memphis.

1) if you own at least three Grizzly t shirts and a hat.

2) If you have ever licked your fingers at the Rendezvous.

3) tried to get an alligator at the zoo to move

4) you know who Larry Finch is.

5) If you have never been to Graceland.....(most locals have not)

6) If you have stood in front of the Donut case at Gibson's for more than ten minutes trying to make up your mind

7) Grew up listening to fm100

8) If you have ever been stuck in traffic at Malfunction junction

9) If you have ever stuck a foot in the Mississippi river

10) walked thru the front door of the Peabody hotel and had a drink at the lobby bar while talking about how the ducks got into the lobby.