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I have found the 3 essentials of Life!

When you get down to it. There are three things that are most important. Cold beer- A great Juke Box and the ever popular Soul Burger. If you had those three in your life, smooth sailing. I love this thought. Take one day before the year is out and camp out on this idea. much love ron olson Read More

You are so Memphis!

You are so Memphis. 1) if you own at least three Grizzly t shirts and a hat. 2) If you have ever licked your fingers at the Rendezvous. 3) tried to get an alligator at the zoo to move 4) you know who Larry Finch is. 5) If you have never been to Graceland.....(most locals have not) 6) If you have... Read More

Screwy news: good batch today

Screwy news: This woman arrested for training Squirrels to attack her Ex-Boyfriend.!!!!! A florida snake hunter named Dusty Crum caught a record 16 foot python in the everglades. The most shocking part of this story? There spparently is a dude whose name is Dusty Crum. A juror in Florida dismissed... Read More

St. Patricks school gets a visit today

We go to St. Patricks school today with our Take -Out Express from Moe's Sowthwest grill. Free food for ten hungry people. we bring it to you and say thanks for listening. Sign up today on line at FM We come rain or shine. LOve ya. Read More

Ron Olson's new dumb idea. But I like it.

I just designed a new Ron and Michelle coffee mug. I used a green Sharpie for the stylish look. What do you think? Why don't you take an old coffee mug and redesign it for ron and michelle. Winner gets one dollar from ron.( It might be in quarters)....Get creative and go to the office cupboard.... Read More

Screwy news: you won't believe.

A new study found that skipping breakfast can harden your artieries and lead to heart disease. A 20yr old guy in nothern california stole more than 150 bottles of jack daniles from two liquor stores. And when police caught him hesaid " I found them". off to Jail A psychiatrist in Florida had his... Read More

My brother is now Cancer Free. Great news!

My brother -BOB-had his follow up exam yesterday and good news. There are no signs of colon cancer. The surgery was a success. Man that is the best news ever. I celebrate his good news today. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers for him. Life is good. Colonoscopy caught it in time. Get one done... Read More