Jennifer Lopez Does A Serious Read Of Sir Mix-A-Lot's Song, "Baby Got Back!"

April 13, 2016

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are moving forward with their divorce even though they are expecting baby #3 together! A family member is saying that the couple are living together again in Megan Fox's home with their children but that there are no plans to cancel the divorce. The pregnancy was definitely a surprise though. This looks like another case of “consciously uncoupling.”
Speaking of marriages ending, Khloe Kardashian may finally be ready to put her marriage to Lamar Odom behind her. The two of them are still legally married since Khloe Kardashian called off their divorce when Lamar Odom had a near-death experience last October. But now Khloe Kardashian doesn't agree with some of Lamar Odom's choices in the past few weeks and is realizing it just isn’t meant to be. It’s emotionally draining for her and she’s ready to move on. They just have to figure out things like finances.
Jennifer Lopez knows all about the song “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot, but who would have thought that she would turn it into a playful PSA? When Jennifer Lopez was asked to do just that, she delivered! CAN ANYONE SAY REMIX?! What a great way to encourage women all around the world to embrace their curves haha!


We all know that Adele’s musical ride with James Corden for Carpool Karaoke went viral and that it is the most watched Carpool Karaoke segment with 96 million views and counting. But it turns out that she didn’t claim the top spot in terms of tweets! When it comes to tweets, Adele takes fifth place! Twitter has released the Top 10 most tweeted-about installments of Carpool Karaoke, and here’s your top ten. 10. Elton John, 9. Chris Martin, 8. Sia, 7. Jennifer Lopez, 6. Justin Bieber, 5. Adele, 4. The Christmas Special that had One Direction, Stevie Wonder, Iggy Azalea, Rod Stewart, Carrie Underwood, Jason Derulo and Justin Bieber, 3. Justin Bieber, 2. Justib Bieber’s second appearance, and the #1 slot goes to One Direction with 338,000 tweets over the initial 24-hour period! Well one thing is for sure, people still love Justin Bieber!
When Chris Pratt was delivering jokes during a presentation at Cinemacon in Las Vegas this week, it was Jennifer Lawrence who got the brunt of them – literally. When Chris Pratt told a joke that humorously flopped, he was saved when his microphone dropped on Jennifer Lawrence's foot! She yelled out, "Ow, you dropped it on my foot!" It was then that the crowd of 4,000 people erupted in laughter. Chris Pratt finished by saying, “That was the anti-Kanye. I dropped the mic on your foot." Sometimes you need an awkward moment to bring the funny!
The world is freaking out and it’s all because of the Olsen twins. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen lead a very private life and try not to be out in the public eye too much. They choose not to run their own social media for fun and rarely make red carpet appearances. So it came as a HUGE surprise to everyone when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen took over Sephora's Instagram account yesterday and made their social media debut by posting a selfie! They wrote, "First public selfie ever,” while posing in black sunglasses and matching tops. They finished by writing "@ElizandJames #SephoraTakeover." 

First public selfie ever -- -- @ElizandJames #SephoraTakeover

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