Woman With Machete Walks Into Kardashian Store

How scary!

September 22, 2017

Woman With Machete Walks Into Kardashian Store

A woman walked into the Kardashians' DASH store and pointed a gun at an employee and threatened to kill the Kardashian family! They weren’t in the store at the time, but the story gets worse. The woman returned later with a machete, and shouted more violent threats about killing the family! Her rant was even captured on video. She's seen pacing menacingly while holding the machete in the air and yells ... "The Kardashians will be executed if they step on Communist territory! They'll be f***ing killed!!!" She then threatened to stab a person who tells her to shut up.

Kevin Hart And His Wife Having A $118K Baby Shower

Kevin Hart and his pregnant wife may be going through some trouble right now with cheating rumors on his part, but they are still going to follow through with a lavish baby shower. Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish will shell out a whopping $117,855 for the extravagant baby shower which will take place in Malibu. It will be a Lion King theme, with leopard print decorations, animal images throughout the venue, music from the classic Disney movie and an "Experience Bar" for guests to try exotic food. There's also expected to be a chimp wearing a diaper aha!

Barbara Streisand Asked For Her “Good Side” To Be Filmed

Barbra Streisand only wants to be shot from her “good side,” no matter what it’s for! She joined A-list celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake at the “Hand in Hand” relief benefit in LA last week, but she made that she looked good the entire time. She asked to be shot only from her best side, which I am told is the left side of her face! She even wanted to walk the red carpet in reverse order to make sure that happened. Anything for hurricane victims, with exceptions, clearly!

People Think Mark Zuckerberg Posted This Ad For A Nanny

A San Francisco-based family is searching for a Mandarin-speaking nanny and everyone thinks it’s a post by Mark Zuckerberg. Here are the deets: “A young, entrepreneurial family with several businesses and philanthropic interests is looking to hire a nanny to provide a safe, caring, nursing and stimulating environment in which a child can develop. This busy family is constantly on the go and has multiple residences.” Salary: $130,000 a year with health benefits! The ad was posted to Indeed.com but has now been removed. I’ll learn Mandarian for that job!

Kathy Griffin Files Restraining Order Against Neighbor

Kathy Griffin has had a pretty awful year. She has just filed for a restraining order against her neighbor, KB Home CEO Jeffrey Mezger, after they got into a verbal fight over the weekend. She got audio of the fight from security footage and it’s pretty ugly. The man can be heard screaming profanities, and calling Kathy Griffin some pretty awful names.