Will Ed Sheeran Be Performing At The Royal Wedding?

The rumor is that he's been asked!

February 13, 2018



Ed Sheeran Has Been Asked To Perform At The Royal Wedding

Back in December, Ed Sheeran said that if he was asked to play at the royal wedding he would do it if he was free. Well, I'm hearing that Ed Sheeran HAS been asked to perform in May, so the ball is now in HIS court! Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry are pretty close friends, so it makes sense. Plus, sounds like he's going to be invited anyway as a guest because of that, so WHY NOT?!! I hope he says yes!

Natalie Portman Says Reese Witherspoon Taught Her How To Use Social Media

This is too cute. Natalie Portman is admiting that Reese Witherspoon has taught her everything about being "modern" and getting on board the social media train. It's because of Reese Witherspoon that she has an Instagram account! Natalie Portman said, "It's a very new thing in my life, and i feel like a grandmother who's learned how to use the microwave." HAHAHA!

Cher Had A Big Scare Over The Weekend

Oh no! Cher had a big scare on Sunday, or at least the cops thought so! They raced to her house after someone hit the panic alarm. Five L.A. County Sheriff patrol cars showed up. Cher is super security conscious and has had safe rooms in her homes for a long time. It turns out that someone hit the alarm accidentally. No word on whether or now Cher was even home at the time, but someone was, because they tripped the alarm. False alarm, everyone. Cher is ok!!

Taylor Swift Goes To Great Lengths To Keep Her Music A Secret

Taylor Swift knows how to keep things a secret! She goes to great length to keep her new music hush hush. In the past, she’s had an iPad inside of a briefcase hand-delivered to Ed Sheeran for him to listen to a song before returning it. But now it’s just come out that Taylor Swift also keeps her music from being leaked by keep her crews on her sets in the dark! They don’t even know what they’re working on! Not even the background dancers know what they're dancing to. Taylor Swift revealed herself that they get a "click track" to listen to while she has ear buds in playing the actual song! Sneaky, sneaky!

Kim Kardashian May Have Just Started A New Hot Dog Trend

Kim Kardashian West gets points for creativity on this one. She may have just created a new culinary masterpiece! She shared a photo on Instagram of a recipe that cures your cravings for two different things: hot dog sushi! She said that her kids North and Saint love hot dogs and sushi, so she thought, "what the heck, two great tastes…" and put them together! Would you try hot dog sushi?

What's A Reboot Of The Office Without Jim?!

That may be happening! The rumor is that NBC is working on a to do a reboot of the show, but one cast member hasn’t been called yet… John Krasinski. Our beloved Jim! He visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show and revealed that he's still waiting for a call from the producers regarding his involvement in the revival. He said, "Guess who didn't get a call? Me. What does that say? NBC's like, 'You know who we didn't like? Jim.'" HAHA! They can’t do it without Jim! There is no office without Jim and Pam!

Jerry Seinfeld Is Being Sued

Jerry Seinfeld is getting sued for his show, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee!” A man by the name of Christian Charles says that he pitched a show idea to Jerry Seinfeld in 2002 and it was pretty much the basis for the show. He said that Jerry turned him down and said he wasn’t interested, but then called him in 2011 and asked about the original concept. They even shot a pilot with Jerry Seinfeld in the driver’s seat. Here’s where it gets good. The claim in the lawsuit is apparently Jerry Seinfeld got made that Christian Charles was claiming ownership interest in the show, and wanted to be paid like it. So Jerry Seinfeld apparently ditched him. OUCH! To court we go!