Who Will Be Joining Maroon 5 For The Super Bowl? Find Out Here!

December 21, 2018
Maroon 5



Travis Scott Will Join Maroon 5 For Super Bowl Halftime Show

Maroon 5 was struggling to find someone to play the Super Bowl halftime show with them for quite some time. That's changed now because TMZ is reporting that Kylie Jenner's boyfriend and rapper Travis Scott will join Maroon 5 for the big show in Atlanta on February 3rd. Travis Scott has had a pretty big year. He's dominated the charts since his third studio album, “Astroworld,” was released in August. With the NFL already being criticized for picking Maroon 5 to perform at the Super Bowl for the halftime show, I'm sure they are hoping that the announcement of Travis Scott will help some of the negativity go away. 

Ariana Grande Caused A Huge Increase In Searches For Oversized Hoodies This Year

It's amazing what a celebrity can get to become a trend. This time, it's Ariana Grande's turn. It turns out that people searched for oversized hoodies on Lyst 130% more this year, and given the fact that Billboard's "Woman of the Year," Ariana Grande, frequently rocks them, this is not a random occurence. People don't just all of a sudden want to be wearing oversized hoodies. Though I must say, that's my favorite go-to "I don't care what I'm wearing" look while I'm around the house. I'd love to rock this all the time but feel like I'd be starred at and told that I'm dressed unprofessionally. Yet when Ariana Grande does it, she's being trendy! Oh the things that celebrities can get away with!

Blake Shelton His Getting Gwen Stefani This For Christmas...

Blake Shelton is letting us get up close and personal when it comes to his relationship with Gwen Stefani. During his guest appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Blake Shelton revealed that he and his girlfriend love watching cooking shows and checking Instagram after Gwen Stefani puts her kids to bed. Oh, and also some not very kid-friendly television if you catch my drift. Blake Shelton also joked during another interview about the presents he plans on giving Gwen Stefani this Christmas. He said, "I'm getting Gwen a Pez dispenser and a candy cane." Honestly, I don't think he's joking and I love it! LOL!