White Actors Leave Non-White Roles On Simpsons and Family Guy

June 29, 2020

White Actors Leave Non-White Roles On Simpsons and Family Guy

The Simpsons and Family Guy are now the two latest shows to address the issue of white actors playing non-white characters in the animation world. The Simpsons announced that it’ll no longer “have white actors voice non-white characters.” Also, Mike Henry, who has voiced the character of Cleveland Brown for the last 21 years on both Family Guy and The Cleveland Show, has announced that he’s stepping down from the part. Mike Henry said on Twitter, “I love this character... but persons of color should play characters of color.” It’s not clear yet what this will mean for The Simpsons, but nearly every non-white character is voiced by a white actor.

Tenet & Mulan Releases Delayed Again Due To COIVD-19

Delayed again! The release dates for Christopher Nolan's Tenet and Disney's live-action reboot of Mulan have been delayed again because of a surge of coronavirus cases in parts of the country. Disney pushed Mulan to August 21st (it had first been scheduled for March). Warner Bros. also postponed Tenet, starring John David Washington and Robert Pattinson, from July 31st to August 12th. The studio stressed the need for flexibility. Several major movie theater chains had announced their plans to reopen in July, but without any major movie releases and the public being unsure about going out to a place where a large group of people gather together, theaters may be forced to postpone their opening.

Disney Plus Plans To Release New Visual Album From Beyonce

Disney Plus has announced a new visual album from Beyoncé. It's called, Black Is King, and is inspired by The Lion King. The visual album is coming to the streaming service next month. Black Is King, written, directed and executive produced by Beyoncé, will premiere globally on Disney Plus on July 31st, 2020. That’s just after the one-year anniversary of the theatrical release of Disney’s The Lion King remake. A press release said the visual album "reimagines the lessons of The Lion King for today's young kings and queens in search of their own crowns."