What's Your Favorite Food Place That's A Hidden Gem?

We made a list this morning!

April 7, 2017

After telling Ron about how I discovered Tannoor Grill on Germantown Parkway thanks to my fiance, I figured it would be fun to see what everyone else's hidden gems are when it comes to places to get food around town. I'm not talking about the popular places that are already on the map. I'm talking about the places that no one seems to know about! Below are some of the spots that people called in about today.

P.S. If you haven't tried Tannoor Grill, do it! It's an all you can eat Mediterranean Restaurant. It's churrascaria with a Middle-Eastern flavor. Think Texas de Brazil on a smaller scale. I love the lamb and beef kabobs!

Other Suggestions From This Morning:

Mimi's Italian Cafe, Bartlett, TN.

Kelvin's Hot Wings in Millington, TN.

Paradise Grill, Brighton, TN.

Juniors, Hernando, MS.

Scoops Parlor, Downtown Memphis, TN.

Billings Bald Butcher, Covington, TN.

Sling Shot Charlie's, Arlington, TN.

Fat Larry's BBQ, Bartlett, TN.

Long Road Cider Company, Millington, TN.

Raven & Lily, Oakland, TN.

Off The Hoof Burgers, Arlington, TN.

Brooklyn Bridge Italian Restaurant, Memphis, TN.

Mot And Eds, Memphis, TN.