Watch: Pink And Her Daughter Willow Sing Together

October 25, 2018



Watch Pink And Her Daughter Willow Sing Together

Looks like Willow definitely got the singing gene from her mom, Pink! Listening to this audio is proof that Willow Sage Hart has some musical gifts of her own. In a new video that was just released, Pink and her daughter come together and record a new version of "A Million Dreams" for The Greatest Showman—Reimagined album. What I didn't expect was how adorable this video was going to be and how much it was going to make me smile. Pink watches as her daughters sings and even cheers her on by giving her two thumbs up! Watch the video below!

Ice-T Arrested For Going Through A Bridge Toll In His Brand New Sports Car

Ice-T, you should know better. Don't you play a cop on TV? Well Ice-T blew through a bridge toll heading into New York City, and the cops ARRESTED him for it! As Ice-T was approaching the George Washington Bridge, he didn't pay the toll. Ice-T tried crossing in the E-Z Pass lane, which is for drivers who prepay tolls with a transmitter, but Ice-T's didn't work. He didn't realize that though and kept driving through the toll in his brand new McLaren sports car. He was quickly pulled over by the cops who discovered that his car wasn't registered either. So the police arrested Ice-T for evading the toll and gave him a ticket for the unregistered vehicle. Ice-T's side of the story is that he simply forgot to bring his E-Z Pass with him. Ice-T was released by the police and ironically, went straight to the Law & Order: SVU set.

Post Malone Spent Over $40,000 On Postmates Last Year

Postmates, a food delivery, groceries and alcohol service app keeps their receipts! Well, for the second edition of “The Receipt,” the delivery service gave some insight into what their #1 customer normally orders. Their number one customer just happens to be Post Malone. In the past year alone, Post Malone has requested nearly 3,000 total items on more than 660 orders, in 52 different cities nationwide. He's spent more than $40,000 on the app. So, what does Post Malone order? He's a fan of all things chicken, from spicy sandwiches to trays of tenders. He's ordered a lot from Chick-fil-A, Burger King, Raising Cane’s, Big Daddy’s and Popeye’s. After that comes the alcohol. He has regular orders of three bottles of champagne and three bottles of Pedialyte. Post Malone also had special requests as well, from asking for “SOOOO much teriyaki sauce on the side please! And lots of soy sauce!” at Panda Express, to asking for “the most expensive cheese board they have” at Target. But the number one order from Post Malone? It was a 12-pack of beer. I say that's pretty fitting.