Was Katy Perry Assaulted By Dr. Luke?

June 14, 2018

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Katy Perry's Involvement In The Dr. Luke And Kesha Case Has Been Revealed

Katy Perry's involvement in the Dr. Luke and Kesha case has now been revealed. Kesha has accused Dr. Luke of raping Katy Perry! According to the documents that were obtained, Dr. Luke lays out three main issues that he has with Kesha's accusations, and that's where this information came to light. The claim was made in a text message that Kesha sent to Lady Gaga, which is why Lady Gaga was also involved in the case. Dr. Luke is claiming that this all didn't happen.

Italian Designer Calls Selena Gomez Ugly!

Not cool, not cool! Italian designer Stefano Gabbana has a reputation for controversial, and he continues to keep that going. The co-founder of high-fashion label Dolce & Gabbana said something pretty mean about Selena Gomez on Instagram. He attacked her appearance, commented on a five-split photo of Selena Gomez in different red dresses. He appeared to write, “è proprio brutta,” which translates to "she's so ugly." Selena Gomez's fans came out in full force to protect her. Online bullying is not cool! Why? So unnecessary!

Pete Davidson Did This Before Proposing To Ariana Grande...

I must admit it's a nice gesture! Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande surprised everyone by getting engaged just weeks after dating. The 24-year-old SNL star also did more than just give Ariana Grande a $100,000 engagement ring! He also hid the evidence of his recent relationship with his now-ex-girlfriend Cazzie David. He covered up the tattoo of her face that he had on his arm! Pete Davidson's tattoo artist shared the before and after photos. I'm sure Ariana Grande appreciates that. ;)