Taylor Swift Is The World's Highest-Paid Celebrity

July 11, 2019



Taylor Swift Is The World's Highest-Paid Celebrity

Are you surprised? Taylor Swift is the highest-paid celebrity of the past year, raking in $185 MILLION! Forbes dropped its Celebrity 100 list and Taylor Swift tops the charts with the biggest earnings total of her career. According to Forbes, her estimated pay increased 131% from last year, when she made $80 million. This marks the second time that Taylor Swift topped the list. Her Reputation Stadium Tour helped big-time with the pay increase. After Taylor Swift, the rest of the Forbes' Celebrity 100 Top 10 includes, in descending order: Kylie Jenner, Kanye West, soccer star Lionel Messi, Ed Sheeran, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, soccer star Neymar, The Eagles, Dr. Phil McGraw and boxer Canelo Alvarez.

Arnold Schwarzenegger And Serena Williams To Create Shows For Snapchat

Snapchat is expanding their format! They're striking deals with a handful of digital-first and traditional media creators to help them launch projects that take advantage of the app's vertical video format. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Serena Williams will be two big names to create shows for the app. Arnold Schwarzenegger will offer motivational advice in his new show, Rules of Success. The details of Serena Williams' project with Snapchat still isn't known. Kevin Hart and influencers like Emma Chamberlain and Rickey Thompson also have projects in the works. The shows, which will begin premiering this summer, are a part of Snapchat’s effort to create more opportunities for creators on it's platform after past complaints from stars that it hasn’t done as much to help them build an audience. 

Chris Hemsworth Used His Wife's $400 Face Cream On His Body

Like many stars, Chris Hemsworth loves luxurious skincare products. However, he doesn’t use them they way you’d expect him to. Chris Hemsworth admitted that he often steals “various moisturizers” from his wife Elsa Pataky’s beauty stash and instead of slathering the pricey lotion all over his face, Chris Hemsworth has been known to use it on other areas of his body. Chris Hemsworth shared, “She uses a lot of La Mer products, which, you know, cost a small fortune, so she’s less than happy when I use that face moisturizer over my whole body. I found out the hard way when I used her $400 cream for a sunburn one time. That wasn’t the best option... My shoulders were sunburnt one time and I lathered up my shoulders with some La Mer products not realizing how expensive they were. She wasn’t really that impressed.” Yeah. It may be soothing for your sunburn, but not worth an unhappy wife!