Taylor Swift Is Launching Her Own Social Media Platform

It's called "The Swift Life"

October 12, 2017

Taylor Swift Is Launching Her Own Social Media Platform

Taylor Swift is launching her own social media platform! She posted a teaser video for it yesterday!



According to the video, the social media platform, which is called The Swift Life, will help you connect to Taylor Swift! It will give you access to new exclusive pictures, you can video connect with your friends and other fans, get exclusive access to Taylor Swift stuff like Taymojis, stickers, and more! You can even play Taylor Swift music that will be added weekly and the best part is that Taylor Swift can see, like and even comment on your posts! She’s such a genius!

Harvey Weinstein Enters Rehab

Harvey Weinstein is feeling the pressure from all of these confessions. His daughter called 911 to say her dad was suicidal yesterday morning, and the police responded but when they showed up he had already left. Then all of a sudden his daughter told the cops that no suicidal statements were made, and it was simply a family dispute. Now, Harvey Weinstein has taken off to get treatment for behavioral issues that include sex addiction at a highly respected rehab center. The first step is getting help.

Kathy Griffin Replaced On CNN’s New Year’s Eve Coverage By…

Anderson Cooper has found a new sidekick to watch the ball drop with after Kathy Griffin make the mistake of holding up that bloody Donald Trump head. Andy Cohen has been announced as the new co-host of CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage. Andy Cohen confirmed the news on his Twitter account, writing, “I'm co-hosting New Year's Eve on CNN with @andersoncooper and I could not be more excited!” Congratulations to Andy Cohen!