Swimmer Ryan Lochte Suspended Until July 2019

July 24, 2018

Swimmer Ryan Lochte Suspended Until July 2019

Ryan Lochte has been banned from competition until July 2019. He didn't take a banned substance though. Instead he got an intravenous injection of vitamins in May, and that method is typically banned under anti-doping rules. Ryan Lochte said he took the IV because both his wife and his son were sick and he didn't want to get sick too. He didn't hide it and according to him the IV contained mostly B-complex vitamins that could be purchased at any pharmacy. The issue was the amount. It exceeded 100 milliliters. So that means the 12-time Olympic medalist cannot compete as planned in the national championships that start this week in California. Ryan Lochte will also be ineligible for the Pan Pacific Championships later this year and next year’s world championships. Ryan Lochte said, “A rule is a rule and I accept that there is a technical violation. I am hopeful that other athletes learn from my mistake.”

Kanye West Is 'Doing OK' After Being Hospitalized

Kanye West was hospitalized on Sunday and a lot of people were wondering if it was another mental breakdown. Well now we know he was hospitalized with the flu but is now at home recovering. Kim Kardashian West was by her husband’s side in the ER so a lot of people thought it was something must worse. Earlier this month, Kanye West tweeted about suffering from painful headaches too. 

Serena Williams Wanted Italian Food, So Her Husband Flew Her To Italy

I want to get to this status because that's how I'll know I made it in life. Serena Williams' husband, Alexis Ohanian took date night to another level over the weekend. Serena Williams was craving Italian food for dinner, so the Reddit co-founder flew her to Italy to get dinner! He posted a photo of the moment on Instagram and wrote, "She wanted Italian for dinner, so..." LOL! Must be nice! I wonder what they ate! There was definitely wine!

She wanted Italian for dinner, so...

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