Someone Put Up A GIANT Shirtless Jeff Goldblum Statue In London

July 18, 2018

Someone Put Up A GIANT Shirtless Jeff Goldblum Statue In London

Want to be able to rest your head on Jeff Goldblum’s chest? Do you know about the giant shirtless Jeff Goldblum meme? Look it up because that topless scene from Jurassic Park is a winner. Well, thanks to NowTV, a 25-foot statue of shirtless Jeff Goldblum in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park has been erected! He's right in front of the iconic Tower Bridge! I mean, look at this thing! Might I add that I think it's very sexy LOL!

Kim Kardashian Being Sued For Stealing Perfume Design

So if you missed it, Kim Kardashian West made some new perfumes and it put $5 million in her pocket in just 5 minutes. Well, now she's getting sued for using a logo on them that belongs to a differently company. That company, Vibes Media, is claiming that Kim Kardashian West copied their speech bubble-like logo for her new Kimoji perfume. There are 3 different fragrances in Kim Kardashian West's line - Vibes, Peachy and Cherry. Vibes Media only has an issue with the Vibes line. To them, the bottle is shaped just like the logo they have hanging in their office. So they want all of her perfume with that design to be destroyed and of course, they want damages. To be continued!

The World Is Getting A Documentary About Ed Sheeran

I think this looks so good! "Songwriter" is an intimate and personal look into Ed Sheeran's writing process. It was filmed by Murray Cummings and it shows the steps Ed Sheeran took to create his third studio album, ‘÷.’ Of course, the documentary also gives more insight into his life through never-before-seen home videos. It's coming out on August 28th, exclusively on Apple Music. Watch the trailer below!