Sia Exposes Herself!

She won't be bullied

November 7, 2017

Sia Exposes Herself

Sia won’t be bullied! Someone is trying to sell her fans naked photos of her! Once Sia found out that this was going on, she did something pretty bold. She posted one of the pictures on her Twitter feed! Sia wrote, “Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!” WOW. Kudos to her! I don’t know if I would have been able to do that, but that’s how you take away someone’s power right there!

Did Marilyn Manson Go Too Far During His Performance?

People are pretty upset with Marilyn Manson. He performed at the Knotfest music festival in San Bernardino, California and as part of his show, the Marilyn Manson sang into a microphone that was attached to a fake rifle. Obviously the decision was troubling because the San Bernardino community dealt with a mass shooting back in December 2015. On top of that, he did it just hours after the tragic Texas church shooting. The crowd was pretty shaken up and people are calling him insensitive.

Tyrese Gibson Gets Help From Will and Jada Smith

Tyrese has been in the news a lot lately for saying that his friends weren’t “showing up” for him during his ongoing legal battle with ex-wife Norma Gibson. Well two of his close friends have come through for him! Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith have, according to Tyrese, given him $5 million to help with his growing legal fees! The apparent donation, however, came with a request. Tyrese wrote, “You’ve guys asked me to get off and stay off the Internet now that my daughters legal fees will be paid ! will listen.” Yet he posted this all online, HAHA! Hopefully he gets off the Internet now!

Ben Affleck Donating Future Money He Makes That’s Tied To Harvey Weinstein

Ben Affleck is making a charitable gesture to remove his ties to Harvey Weinstein! During a press junket for Justice League, Ben Affleck’s long business relationship with Harvey Weinstein was brought up. When it was mentioned that Kevin Smith decided to donate all future Weinstein Company residuals to Women In Film and Ben Affleck was asked what he thought about that, Ben Affleck took that moment to reveal that he too will be donating all of his future residuals for Miramax and Weinstein Company projects to Film Independent and RAINN, which is the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. You know you are trying to fix things when you don’t even want to cash those checks! At least he’s trying to do the right thing.

Diplo Calls Out Taylor Swift

Three years after Diplo spoke poorly about Taylor Swift, the fight is still going on! In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Diplo said that taking an anti-Taylor Swift stance was damaging to his career, explaining, "That was something I was never prepared for... one of the biggest mistakes of my career was definitely f------ with her. Music is in the hands of the kids. Streaming is literally what kids want to listen to over and over again. They want to listen to ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Bodak Yellow.’ They don't want to listen to, like, ‘Look What You Made Me Do.' That music doesn't relate to them at all. I don't think it ever did.” Ouch! Why can’t we all just be friends?