Selena Gomez Seeking Treatment After Emotional Breakdown

October 11, 2018

Selena Gomez Seeking Treatment After Emotional Breakdown

Selena Gomez is getting treatment after experiencing an emotional breakdown while in the hospital. People Magazine is reporting that Selena Gomez was hospitalized twice within the last few weeks, both times for a low white blood cell count. This could very well be a side effect from her kidney transplant. During the second visit though, Selena Gomez suffered a panic attack. According to People Magazine, Selena Gomez had a rough few weeks and the panic attack was just the "tipping point." Selena Gomez realized that she needed to ask for help. She's doing much better now and is getting treatment somewhere on the East Coast while her family and friends support her.

Channing Tatum Is Dating...

Channing Tatum is moving on after his divorce from Jenna Dewan. Channing Tatum is apparently dating singer Jessie J! Channing Tatum has been spotted at some of her concerts in Seattle and Salt Lake City. A social media user also said that they saw the two of them playing mini golf together at a local course in Seattle over the weekend. I wonder how the two of them met! The most interesting part of this story to me is that Jessie J, in my opinion, looks VERY similar to Jenna Dewan. Clearly, Channing Tatum has a type!

Lady Gaga Once Performed In Her Underwear

Lady Gaga gets inspirtation from everywhere, but this one is probably going to shock you. She has a handful of fraternity brothers to thank for her stage presence! During a new interview, Lady Gaga revealed that before she "made it," she was performing at a jazz bar in New York and was confronted with an obnoxious crowd of frat boys. They refused to be quiet, so she figured that a great way to get their undivided attention would be to strip down to her underwear and keep singing! At first when I heard this I was like wow... ok. But I love what Lady Gaga said she took away from the experience. She said that it was about much more than learning the power of a semi-nude woman. Lady Gaga said that the moment was actually a turning point in her professional career. It helped her understand how to fully command an audience.