Princess Kate And Prince William Are Expecting Baby #3!


September 5, 2017

Princess Kate And Prince William Are Expecting Baby #3!

The Royal Fab 4 are about to be 5! Princess Kate and Prince William are expecting their third child together! The Kensington Palace confirmed the news, saying, “Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting their third child. The Queen and members of both families are delighted with the news.” The statement went on to say that Princess Kate is dealing with acute morning sickness, which she suffered during her first two pregnancies. The rumor is that she is less than three months pregnant but they had to announce the news because of her illness and pulling out of events already. Makes sense! Yay, congratulations!

Madonna Has Moved To Portugal

Madonna is getting her flow back, and she’s doing it outside of the United States! She revealed in two Instagram posts over the weekend that she has moved to Portugal and is working on two projects. She wrote, "The energy of Portugal is so inspiring! I feel very creative and alive here and I look forward to working on my film LOVED and making New Music!!! ... This will be the next Chapter in My Book! It's time to conquer the world from a different vantage point!" Working on a movie and new music? Do your thing!

Angelina Jolie Doesn’t Like Being Single

Angelina Jolie may be single, but she doesn't like it. She admitted it herself, saying, "I don't enjoy being single. It's not something I wanted. There's nothing nice about it. It's just hard. Sometimes maybe it appears I am pulling it all together, but really I am just trying to get through my days. Emotionally, it's been a very difficult year and I have had some other health issues. So my health is something I have to monitor." Despite all that, she apparently isn’t getting back together with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. Come on, no one likes being single, do they?

Sharon Osbourne Admits That Her Husband Cheated Several Times

Sharon Osbourne is opening up about the affairs she says her husband Ozzy Osbourne had that almost led to their divorce. Yes, I said affairs, plural. Sharon Osbourne just admitted in an interview that “there wasn’t just one woman; there were six of them. Some Russian teenager, then a masseuse in England, our masseuse in the U.S., and then our cook.” Awful! I don’t know how you forgive someone after that, but she has and they are still together. She’s a better woman than I am!

Taylor Swift Gets Booed At Her Best Friend’s Wedding

Oh man. All Taylor Swift wanted to do was attend her best friend’s wedding and be a good bridesmaid. Well she upset fans waiting to get a look at her as she left the ceremony. Swifties were surprised when bodyguards brought out a makeshift barrier to guard Taylor Swift from the public as she exited the church and hopped into a black SUV. Fans started booing her and shouting things like, "We thought you loved your fans!" and "Very disappointing, not cool!" Paramore's Hayley Williams came to Taylor Swift's defense on Twitter, writing, “if you were one of Taylor swift's "fans" BOOING her for not doing a meet and greet during her friends WEDDING you've got issues.” No kidding! She a short part of her speech at the reception below!

A short clip of Taylor's speech at Abigail and Matt's wedding last night!

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