Prince Harry Reportedly Gave Up These Two Things For Meghan Markle

January 3, 2019
Prince Harry And The Duchess Of Sussex

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Prince Harry Reportedly Gave Up These Two Things For Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle has always been a healthy eater. So when she got with Prince Harry, it was sure to rub off on him a little bit, right? Well it did! She got him on board with a plant-heavy pre-wedding diet and now that Meghan is carrying their first child, the couple's reportedly continuing a his-and-hers kind of diet where they have sworn off any caffeine or alcohol. Prince Harry has given up coffee, tea, and alcohol while Meghan Markle is pregnant. He's all about still mineral water right now. An anonymous friend of Meghan Markle's said, "All she [Meghan] did was show him there’s another way to live and he’s become a huge fan. He eats well, doesn’t poison his body, exercises, does a bit of yoga, and is a lot happier."

Kim Kardashian Is Done Having Kids After Baby #4

It was just announced yesterday that Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are expecting baby #4 via surrogate. So naturally, people starting to sadly joke about how many kids they are going to have. Well, as much as they love being parents, apparently baby #4 is where they are going to stop. Kim Kardashian has always wanted four kids. That's been her "number" and she reportedly wants to stop having children after this because she is spread really thin and it's important to her to be able to pay as much attention to her husband as she does her kids.

Snoop Doog Wants To Adopt A Dog Named Snoop

Snoop Dogg has fallen hard for a dog named Snoop. Just a few days before Christmas, Snoop, a young bull terrier, was abandoned in England. The video is heartbreaking. It shows an unidentified man dumping Snoop on the street along with his bed. The dog doesn't understand whats happening and even tries to get back in the car with his owner before the owner drove off. Thankfully, Snoop was later rescued by the RSPCA, who named him after Snoop Dogg. After seeing the clip, Snoop Dogg was moved. He said that “It is heartbreaking,” and even offered to adopt the dog. Snoop Doog said, “There is always room for another dog in Casa de Snoop. If he really needed a home then he has one with us. But I don’t think there is going to be any shortage of loving homes after all the exposure he has got.” At the moment, Snoop isn’t up for rehoming because they are investigating his abandonment and what happened. However, the RSPCA has shared that they have a bunch of people wanting to rehome him! YAY!