New Taylor Swift Music Is Coming!

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August 24, 2017

New Album And Music From Taylor Swift Is Coming Tonight!

We have a Taylor Swift update! She announced on Instagram that her new album will be called Reputation, and it will be coming out November 10th. Even better though, is that the first single is coming our way TONIGHT! Turns out the little video clip she shared was the tail of a snake! So, I’m thinking that the song is either going to be about Katy Perry or Kim Kardashian and Kanye West after they released a video of her approving Kanye West’s song, “Famous.” I hope it’s that, because it’s going to be so juicy and I’ll love every second if it!

Ariana Grande Is Taking A Sick Day

Ariana Grande had to stop for a minute. She canceled Wednesday's concert in Vietnam because of health issues. She released a statement: "My babes in Vietnam, I apologize from the bottom of my heart but I'm really dealing with some health problems at the moment. I came here to Vietnam, so excited to perform, my doctor won't allow me to do the show for you tonight. I'm so, so sorry. There is nothing I hate to do more than to do this, but I promise to make it up to you in the future. I love you and thank you for understanding." I wonder what’s going on! Hope she’s ok!

Does Tom Cruise Wear Butt Pads?

We all know that Tom Cruise does his own stunts, so it would seem a bit odd that he’d enhance his butt, right? Well, that’s the rumor going around… that Tom Cruise wore butt implants in his 2007 movie Valkyrie (VAL-KI-REE). A clip from the movie is making rounds on the Internet that shows Tom Cruise crawling on his hands and knees with his butt facing the camera. His butt looks extremely… enhanced. It really looks like a fake butt! Like, everyone is talking about it! So in the end, Twitter seemed to agree that Tom Cruise was wearing butt pads, most likely for safety and not vanity. Tom Cruise, he works his butt off, man! 

Watch the video below and decide for yourself ;)

Katy Perry Is Going To Be Like Simon Cowell On American Idol Reboot

All of the judges for the American Idol reboot on ABC still haven’t been locked in, but one thing is for sure… Katy Perry is going to be a tough judge! When she was asked about it, Katy Perry said, I’m going to maybe be more the Simon Cowell. I really respect him. As much as people said, ‘oh, he’s grumpy or he’s mean,’ he was just truthful, you know?... I don’t need to be there to win the popular race, I just need to be there to find someone I can make their dreams come true." Well said, well said! It’s going to be good!

This Guy Could Be Coming To American Idol

I can’t even imagine how this would go if it wound up being true! David Hasselhoff just confirmed that his reps are in talks to seat him next to Katy Perry as a judge on “American Idol.” DAVID HASSELHOFF! He said, “That was my manager calling because I, kind of like, do whatever is thrown up and one of them is, ‘Would you be a judge on American Idol?’ I said, ‘Sure, throw me the ball.’” ABC declined to comment when asked if David Hasselhoff, who spent four seasons as a judge on “America’s Got Talent,” was in the running for the job. Katy Perry begs to differ though, she was asked about it and said, “I know there's some people that are in play, and David's not necessarily been one of them, God bless.” LOL! Whose lying here?