Maroon 5 Is Selling Their Stuff

August 30, 2018
Adam Levine and Mickey Madden of Maroon 5

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Maroon 5 Is Selling Their Stuff

Maroon 5 has been together for two decades so it makes sense that they're ready to move on to bigger and better things, and that includes their equipment! Maroon 5 is about to sell almost 200 pieces of gear that has been used both on stage and in the studio on’s Techno Empire shop. It's going to be EVERYTHING... from microphones and guitars to drum machines! The sale starts today and the band's keyboardist, Jesse Carmichael said, "We used all of this gear when we were kids, working hard to establish ourselves as a band. Now, we’re in a new phase and we need to clear out what we’re not using anymore to make room for the equipment that will help us create what comes next." So if you want a piece of gear that's a huge part of Maroon 5's story, you can get to buying today on!

Jimmy Fallon Pays $1,000-Plus Dinner Bill For Strangers 

I love when celebrities do stuff like this. It's just so cool when people are kind for no reason, and today we know that Jimmy Fallon is paying it forward. He was out to dinner with his wife at a restaurant in the Hamptons on Monday when he paid for a nearby strangers’ dinner bill. The bill by the way was more than $1,000! According to Page Six who spoke to a source, Jimmy Fallon paid the bill because he appreciated how happy the group of four people appeared to be “and how they were ‘enjoying each other’s company.” Good vibes all around only gets better when someone pays your dinner bill!

Ed Sheeran Dreams Of A Music Collaboration With...

This would be AWESOME! Ed Sheeran may have had the biggest album in the world last year with Divide, but he's already planning for what's next. Ed Sheeran revealed that his next batch of music will be very different, explaining, "The next project I’m going to do is completely out of my comfort zone —completely.  I don’t think there’s an acoustic guitar on it. Which, to be an acoustic singer-songwriter, it’s different. But it’s not an album or a mixtape or anything, it’s just a collection of songs that will just come out." Also, Ed Sheeran would love to collaborate with an artist that he's taking cues from for his next batch of music. An artist that he feels puts out huge albums but then in between does some side projects. That artist would be DRAKE! Ed Sheeran said, "I just think at some point those two worlds have to meet, and I don’t know how or what it sounds like, but I feel like it’s inevitable. I’ve only met him a couple of times. I don’t even know if it’s in the cards. I’d like to think he has the same mindset as me." That would be an awesome collaboration!

NBC Is Going To Air A One-Hour Special Of This Is Us Before The Season 3 Premiere

I'm already overly ready for the new season of This Is Us next month, but now NBC is playing even more with fans emotions. NBC just announced that they will air a one-hour special ahead of the season three premiere on September 18th. The one hour special will showcase new clips, interviews with the stars of the show and creators, and a behind-the-scenes look at how the series comes together each week. Of course, the one hour special will also include highlights from the first two seasons for everyone to get caught up. Just a reminder, the third season of This Is Us premieres on September 25th!