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Mariah Carey’s Former Security Company Threatening To Sue Her

This is pretty bad!

November 9, 2017

Mariah Carey’s Former Security Company Threatening To Sue Her

Mariah Carey’s former security company is threatening to sue her! The man who owns the company says she constantly humiliated him by referring to him as a Nazi and some other pretty awful names. His company worked for Mariah Carey for two years and she didn’t pay them over $200,000. He’s also claiming that he was promised another two years, which would add $511,000 to the bill! Lastly, the owner is claiming that harassment went down, and that Mariah Carey was inappropriate on several occasions. They are now in the middle of settlement negotiations.

Perez Hilton Suffers Taylor Swift’s “Wrath”

Celebrity news blogger Perez Hilton just got on his YouTube channel to complain after his Twitter account was allegedly suspended after he posted the rumored track listing for Taylor Swift’s new album. The track list was already leaked, so Perez Hilton tweeted it out from his personal account. That’s when he said he got a takedown notice from Taylor Swift’s team before his account was mysteriously suspended. He said, Taylor Swift is responsible for me being suspended. Earlier today I was talking about many journalists who have felt bullied by the Taylor Swift machine. I had never felt that before, but I now am a victim of Taylor’s wrath.” Taylor Swift confirmed the track list herself four hours later, and then his account was back up and running! Eek! Apparently she can get a bit nasty ;)

Will And Jada Smith Didn’t Give Tyrese $5 Million

Remember when Tyrese posted last week that Will and Jada Smith gave him $5 million to be quiet during his court battle with his ex? Well apparently that didn’t happen at all. Sources close to the couple are saying the Smith’s didn’t give Tyrese any money, and Tyrese just added a post on social media admitting that the money had not been received yet. Why would you lie about that?

Rihanna Is Co-Hosting Next Year’s Met Gala

If I were Rihanna I would thank the success of her high-profile fashion collaborations for this gig! She is going to co-host next year's prestigious Met Gala event.  Amal Clooney and Versace Group vice-president Donatella Versace will also be involved. Looks like it’s going to continue to be a star-studded event!

Tom Brady Is Human And Eats Cheeseburgers!

Tom Brady is pretty much a super human. He has constantly spoken about his ridiculously strict diet, but now we know that he takes the time, sometimes, to enjoy food just like the rest of us. Tom Brady just revealed in an interview that he does, in fact, treat himself to a cheeseburger and ice cream from time to time. I wonder if from time to time means like once a year haha!