The "Love Actually" Cast Is Reuniting!

February 16, 2017

All my ladies are going to be excited about this one! The Love Actually cast is getting back together for a short film! We’ll find out where all of our favorite characters from the 2003 romantic are and what they’re up to in 2017! It’s all for Red Nose Day and all processed go to ending child poverty. Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, pretty much the whole cast have already signed up! It’s a big deal! Bring on March 24th!

I feel so bad for Kesha. This whole legal battle with Dr. Luke seems like it’s never going to end! Now she’s released a bunch of emails between the two of them to prove that Dr. Luke was mentally and sexually abusive. One of the emails attacks Kesha for breaking a juice cleanse with a Diet Coke. She had an eating disorder, and the emails from Dr. Luke show him saying things like songwriters and producers won’t work with Kesha because of her weight. A judge ruled that Kesha couldn’t walk away from her recording contract with Sony and Dr. Luke, so she’s hoping these emails will make the judge reconsider the ruling.

This didn’t take long at all. Justin Bieber isn’t happy that his ex Selena Gomez is dating The Weeknd, and The Weeknd wants to silence The Biebs. He thinks Justin Bieber is just angry and jealous that his “first real love” has replaced him and released a new song that seems to be about it. The words are, “I just took that chick, and I know you feelin’ some way/She just want a “guy” like me you feelin’ some way, way, way, way/She just want a “guy” like me I play no way.” Too bad Justin Bieber may never hear it. He’s told reporters that he thinks The Weeknd’s music is awful haha!

Carlos Santana is trying to stop the BeyHive from attacking him after he made a comment about Beyonce after this weekend’s Grammy Awards! He suggested that Adele won Album Of The Year because she can “sing, sing,” and called Beyonce’s career “modeling music.” So after Beyonce’s fans attacked him, Carlos Santana got on Facebook to “clarify,” saying he only meant to compliment Adele on her award. He said, “My intent was to congratulate Adele on her amazing night… My comment about Beyoncé was regretfully taken out of context. I have the utmost respect for her as an artist and a person. She deserves all the accolades that come her way. I wish Beyoncé and her family all the best.” Sounds like he’s Team Adele to me!