A Look Inside My Fix From Stitch Fix!

August 3, 2018

So you've heard me talking about Stitch Fix on the air for a few weeks now and this week I just got my second fix from the company. People were asking me to show how the outfits looked ON, so I took some pictures to share with you! Each box comes with 5 items so below are pictures of each item along with the price. If you want to get started on your OWN fix, you can do it by clicking here! 

Look 1: I was OBSESSED with this Cleo Textured Knit Dress ($88) and so was my husband! The second he said that it looked so nice on me I threw it in my closet immediately ;)

Look 2: My stylist didn't pair these two pieces together but I made it an outfit to show you. I was obsessed with the fit of this Leena Printed Skirt ($48.00) and kept it! I liked this coral Walden Split Neck Blouse ($38.00) but had another one in my closet just like it so I returned it. If I didn't have a similar shirt in my closet I would have kept it, but clearly my stylist gets me!

Look 3: This Hawley off the shoulder top ($38) made me do a double-take. I don't own ANY off the shoulder tops and Stitch Fix made me want to get more! Loved the vibrant colors and I feel like this shirt brings out my eyes. KEPT.

Look 4: This Rue Lariat Necklace ($28.00) was super cute but I had something similar as well in my accessories collection so I returned it!

So I kept 3 out of the 5 pieces from my second fix. I already returned what I didn't keep (RETURNS ARE FREE) and can't wait to see what's in my next fix on August 9th!!! To be continued!