Lionel Richie May Be Joining “American Idol”

I love the idea of this!

June 20, 2017

Lionel Richie May Be Joining “American Idol”

It looks like American Idol has set its sights set on judge #2 for the reboot of the show. They want to pair Katy Perry up with Lionel Richie! The producers of the show think that Lionel Richie's legendary music career makes him a perfect pick. He has credibility and a knack for knowing what’s popular. Lionel Richie is also extremely outgoing, which makes for good TV. No word on if the producers have formally reached out to Lionel Richie, but if it’s already a rumor, I’m going to bet they have. Lionel Richie’s rep had no comment.

Hanson Slams Justin Bieber

This is hilarious! Hanson has slamming Justin Bieber, comparing him and his music to a sexually transmitted disease. Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson made it clear during an interview that they’re not fans of Justin Bieber, who is dominating the charts right now. They were playing a game called Whose Song is it Anyway?, and the song was “Despacito.” They didn’t know it, and when the Hanson brothers were told it was Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber, one of the brothers said:  “Can I just say I’m glad I didn’t know what that was. I prefer not to get any venereal diseases so whenever Justin Bieber gets near me or near my ears … it’s just ear infections, they’re terrible.” Noted!

Carrie Fisher Had Multiple Drugs In Her System

There’s more news on the death of Carrie Fisher. She had heroin and cocaine in her system at the time of her death, according to her toxicology report. The report also stated that Carrie Fisher had a “remote exposure to MDMA,” which is a commonly known as ecstasy. There was even traces of an anti-depressant and antihistamine in her system. Get this though. Even though Carrie Fisher had multiple substances in her system, it is unclear if drug use was the reason she passed away. Like I said yesterday, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office revealed that Carrie Fisher’s death was caused by sleep apnea and other undetermined factors. So many factors!

Jay Z Has Changed His Name
Even though Jay Z’s wife just gave birth to their twins, it looks like he’s been busy multi-tasking. He’s got a new album coming soon and along with that album comes big news: a name change. Are you ready for it? Jay Z is changing his name again .Just as he dropped the hyphen becoming “Jay Z” instead of “Jay-Z” back in 2013, he has decided to put the hyphen back in. That’s deep!

Tiger Woods Is Getting Professional Help

Tiger Woods says he's getting "professional help" for his issues with prescription medication after his DUI arrest. He isn’t describing the situation as rehab. Here’s what he said: "I'm currently receiving professional help to manage my medications and the ways that I deal with back pain and a sleep disorder. I want to thank everyone for the amazing outpouring of support and understanding especially the fans and players on tour.” Tiger Woods going public about getting professional help could simply be a strategy in his pending DUI case to make him look good to the judge. It shows that he's taking his problem seriously, which could affect sentencing. Regardless, I hope he really is getting the help he needs!