Leah Remini Claims Katie Holmes Could Lose Custody Of Her Daughter If She Spoke To Her

September 28, 2018

Leah Remini Claims Katie Holmes Could Lose Custody Of Her Daughter If She Spoke To Her

Leah Remini opened up about her friendship with Katie Holmes and made another serious allegation against the Church of Scientology in a new interview. She said during the intervew, “But I keep wondering — why haven’t Katie Holmes or Nicole Kidman spoken out? I assume they were forced to sign prohibitive documents. Trust me, Katie’s not allowed to have a meal with me and we used to be close friends. She could lose custody of Suri. It’s quite sick, really.” Wow! Katie Holmes could allegedly lose custody of her daughter for speaking to Leah Remini. NUTS if this is all true! All because Leah Remini turned her back on The Church of Scientology. No matter what's real or fake, this whole situation just doesn't sit well with me and makes me uncomfortable. 

Jersey Shore's JWoww Files For Divorce From Husband

Another shocker this morning. I didn't see this one coming. Jenni “JWoww” Farley and her husband Roger Mathews are getting divorced after nearly three years of marriage! JWoww filed for divorce from Roger Mathews on September 12th and cited irreconcilable differences as the reason. The papers also showed that the marriage had been breaking down for at least six months. JWoww and Roger Matthews got married in October 2015 after nearly five years together. They have two children together. So sad :(

Owen Wilson Might Be A Dad For A Third Time

Owen Wilson might be a father again. The rumor is that he's expecting a third child with Barunie Vongsvirates. Owen Wilson already has two children with two different women. Back in June, there were reports that Owen Wilson had offered to take a paternity test after an unnamed woman came forward claiming that she was pregnant with his unborn child, a baby girl that they are going to name Lyla. Barunie Vongsvirates, a business development rep for American Addiction Centers in LA, is apparently the mystery woman. Owen Wilson has taken a paternity test and is reportedly the father.