Tiffany Haddish Says Kevin Hart Is 'Already Walking' After Surgery For Injuries In Car Crash

September 9, 2019

Tiffany Haddish Says Kevin Hart Is 'Already Walking' After Surgery For Injuries In Car Crash

Kevin Hart is on the road to recovery following the car crash that he got into last week that left him with serious back injuries. His friend Tiffany Haddish gave everyone an update and said, “He’s okay. He’s doing fine... As far as I know, from the last I heard, he’s fine... He’s already walking. He’s good.” If you missed the story, it's a miracle that Kevin Hart didn't get injured worse than he did after the crash. The back surgery that he got had a high risk of him being paralyzed!

Robin Thicke And Fiancée Uninjured After Car Accident in Malibu

Speaking of car accidents, singer Robin Thicke and his fiancée April Love Geary were involved in a two-car crash on a Malibu highway over the weekend. According to TMZ, Robin Thicke's fiancée was driving with Robin Thicke as a passenger when their car reportedly collided with another car. The car nearly tipped over along the side of the highway. Thankfully, no one in either car suffered major injuries, and no one was transported to the hospital. 

Justin Bieber Addresses Fan Who Thinks He's A Little Too Public With His Love For His Wife

Justin Bieber likes to love on his wife Hailey Baldwin on social media, but it turns out some fans have a problem with it. When the Biebs shared a makeup-free photo of his wife on social media, a fan complained about his public display of affection for her. They wrote, "You don't need to do this... If you really love each other, just live and enjoy it without trying to presume to appear or force someone else to see that 'YOU'RE IN LOVE.'" Justin Bieber wasn't having it though. He wrote that person back and said, "Honouring your wife publicly is actually such an amazing respectful thing to do. It's not only reassuring to her it's also a way of giving people something to look forward to... I'm not forcing it down anyone's throat, YOU follow ME. Should I not make songs about loving my wife or being in love or is that shoving down my love for her down your throat too. This is my life. Unfollow me if you don't like what I post."