Is Katy Perry And Tayor Swift's "Bad Blood" Over?!

June 12, 2019
Taylor Swift

Kevin Winter / Staff


Is Katy Perry And Tayor Swift's "Bad Blood" Over?!

Are Katy Perry and Taylor Swift putting their years-long feud behind them?! It sure looks that way! Katy Perry basically made my jaw drop when I saw her post a photo on Instagram yesterday of a plate of chocolate chip cookies with “Peace at last” written in red icing above the treats. What did she caption the photo with? Katy Perry wrote, “Feels good @taylorswift,” and Taylor Swift herself commented on it with 13 pink heart emojis. If you don't know, 13 is her lucky number. But wait, there's more! Katy Perry's post also included the geotag location of “Let’s Be Friends” in the post. So here's what I'm thinking... are we getting a Taylor Swift and Katy Perry collaboration?! I think that's the name of their song that they are doing together! I would so buy into this. Honestly, it's about time. Women need to build each other UP. Not tear each other down. Love this!

feels good -- @taylorswift

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Amanda Bynes Sued By Mental Health Facility For Her Unpaid Bill

Amanda Bynes may be happier and healthier now, but her past is coming back to bite her. The facility that treated her earlier this year says she owes them money. Creative Care, Inc. filed a lawsuit against Amanda Bynes, claiming that she owes them $2,467 for her stay back in February. The facility alleged that Amanda Bynes received inpatient care from February 21st to February 22nd, but she didn’t pay her bill. That's right, almost $2,500 for one day! The facility came to the $2,467 amount from their monthly residential rate, which is $37,000. Till this day, we still don't know what Amanda Bynes actually received treatment for there. As of today, Amanda Bynes is under a conservatorship by her mother until August 2020 and has moved on and is working on her fashion career. So she just has to pay her bill! Maybe that's her mother's job now!

Sandra Bullock's College Years Are Going To Become A Series On Amazon

Sandra Bullock must have had some crazy times in college, because her college years are about to be the inspiration for an Amazon series she’s developing with Akiva Goldsman and John Legend. According to a show description that was released yesterday, it’s a “dramedy set in the world of music and dance. It will take place in the American Deep South in the 1980s, where one darkly off-beat young woman defies expectations and sets out in search of love, community, and an identity of her own.” The screenwriter, Kevin Williamson, is known for creating Dawson’s Creek, Vampire Diaries and the movie Scream.  Would you watch?