Kanye West Trying To Get On Swing State Ballots Last Minute

August 4, 2020
Kanye West

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Kanye West Trying To Get On Swing State Ballots Last Minute

Kanye West is still trying to run for President of the United States. He's making a last-minute push to get on the ballot in the swing-state of Wisconsin. Kanye West hired a petitioning firm to collect the required 2,000 signatures by a 5pm Tuesday deadline. They're also working on Ohio, where Kanye West would need 5,000 signatures by Wednesday at 5p.m. If he is successful, Ohio and Wisconsin will be the first presidential swing states where Kanye West would appear on the ballot. On top of all this, Kanye West is already facing allegations of election fraud in New Jersey over his required signature submissions, and Illinois officials are also challenging his collected signatures and his election paperwork. So this may all be over soon.

Reports Claim A New Bachelorette Is Taking Over Mid-Season

For all my Bachelorette fans, it looks like Clare Crawley, the woman cast as The Bachelorette for the reality series' upcoming 16th season, has left the show! The rumor is that Clare Crawley fell in love with one of the contestants early on and didn't want to continue filming, which is happening in a quarantine bubble at an isolated location under COVID-19 guidelines. Bachelornation fan-favorite Tayshia Adams is said to be taking her place, joining the production after undergoing quarantine. Some of the contestants previously eliminated by Clare Crawley may even be called back to film again. Clare Crawley seemingly confirmed the news because she briefly liked a tweet about Tayshia Adams taking her place before quickly unliking it yesterday. 

Dwayne Johnson Is Buying The XFL To Save It From Bankruptcy

Former WWE star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is buying the bankrupt XFL football league from WWE mogul Vince McMahon. This is just days before the XFL football league was set to go to auction. Dwyane Johnson split the $15 million cost with his investment partner, RedBird Capital. Dany Garcia, Dwayne Johnson’s ex-wife and business partner, is also a stakeholder in the business. The XFL filed for bankruptcy back in April after ending it's season early because of the pandemic.