Justin Timberlake Turns Illegal Memphis Voting Selfie Into A Positive Thing

Go ahead and take that selfie!

April 19, 2017

Justin Timberlake Has Helped Us Legally Be Able To Take A Voting Selfie

Only Justin Timberlake could turn this around! Tennessee lawmakers have reconsidered a law declaring polling-station selfies illegal after Justin Timberlake got in trouble for taking one back in October here in Memphis. At the time, it was illegal. The crime was considered a misdemeanor, with a penalty that could include up to 30 days in jail and a $50 fine. Well last week, the state Senate created a bill to "allow photographing or video-taping a filled-out ballot, except if it's intended to commit voter intimidation, voter fraud, or sell a vote." Look at JT, turning a negative into a positive, and getting us permission possibly to take voting selfies!

Richard Simmons Hospitalized

Richard Simmons has been hospitalized for "severe indigestion." This is according to his rep, who said, "Richard Simmons was hospitalized on Monday at an undisclosed location in California. After a few days of battling severe indigestion and discomfort while eating, we agreed it was best for him to seek treatment.” He is "already feeling better and is expected to make a full recovery." With all the rumors going around that Richard Simmons isn’t in control of his own life, I am really worried about him now!

Kevin Spacey To Host The 2017 Tony Awards

Kevin Spacey has been picked to host this year's Tony Awards! Producers are hoping that they can avoid any technical or human snafus that have occurred at other awards shows this year, like the wrong winner being announced at the Oscars and sound issues at the Grammys. So I guess they think Kevin Spacey fits the bill for this! Kevin Spacey has won two Oscars, a Tony Award in 1991 and starred on Broadway. So he has all the bases covered! Here’s the interesting part though, Kevin Spacey admitted that he wasn’t their first choice. I wonder who was!

Aaron Rodgers And Olivia Munn Didn’t Split Up because Of Family

So it looks like Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn didn’t have a bad breakup after all. His friends are saying the breakup wasn’t dramatic and that it just ended. Also, even though the rumor was that they ended things because of family drama, apparently it’s not true. The breakup had nothing to do with his family at all. It was a personal decision made by Aaron Rodgers about the next steps in his life, and those steps for some reason didn’t include Munn. Ouch! Hey, at least it was a clean breakup!