Jennifer Lawrence Has A Big Fear Of...


September 21, 2017

Jennifer Lawrence Has A Big Fear Of Getting On Airplanes

Jennifer Lawrence may have to get on them a lot, but that doesn’t mean she likes it! Jennifer Lawrence just shared during an interview that she has an intense case of fear while traveling in planes. She said, "I’m not afraid of the airplane, I’m afraid of me on the airplane and losing control of myself." Jennifer Lawrence has even acted on her fear of flying in the past, going so far as to shout that the plane was going down while on a flight. She also went so far as to say she once tried to jump out of an Air France plane because of some extreme claustrophobia. Gosh! Hope the fear has gotten better!

Tom Cruise Partially To Blame For Plane Crash

Speaking of planes, the families of two men who died following a September 2015 plane crash on the set of American Made claim Tom Cruise is partially to blame for the fatal accident. According to new court documents, the estates of the men claim that Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman’s desire to film a “high-risk, action-packed motion picture” contributed to the circumstances that led to the accident. So the families are suing the producers of the film for wrongful death and damages. They allege that the production companies ignored safety procedures before the flight in order to save time and money. The families go on to argue that Tom Cruise could have piloted the plane. Uh oh! It’s about to get ugly!

Melissa Joan Hart Gets Backlash For Hurricane Comments

Melissa Joan Hart received backlash for complaining that Hurricane Maria ruined her family vacation in a now-deleted Instagram post on Tuesday. She wrote, “And just like that, our family vacation is canceled. Such a bummer but we plan to hit the @nickresortpuntacana resort another time this year." People immediately took offense to her remarks saying that she should be more concerned with the people that live there instead of her meaningless vacation.” I think it’s a bit harsh. Can’t you be a caring person and disappointed at the same time?! People love to hate!

Harry Styles Charges You More If You’re Bigger

Harry Styles will charge you for being bigger. On opening night of his tour in San Francisco, fans rushed to get merchandise only to find out that the larger the t-shirt size got, the more money you had to pay! XS, S and M shirts were $40 while L, XL and XXL shirts were $45! The best part was that one of the shirt designs reads, “Treat people with kindness!” I guess not! Live Nation Merchandise reached out with this official statement though: "There was a mistake in size pricing at last night's show. Harry and his team were unaware and this has now been rectified." Do you believe it?

Jay-Z Declined Doing The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Jay-Z has been mentioned as a possibility for the halftime show at Super Bowl LII in Minnesota, but it’s reportedly not going to happen because Jay-Z has no interest in performing despite rumors that he could take the stage with Justin Timberlake in one of the most highly-anticipated performances in the event’s history. Even though it would be a big hit, Jay-Z has no interest in doing the show. I hope he reconsiders!