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J. Lo Makes Her Relationship Official But Then Changes Her Mind!

March 14, 2017

Jennifer Lopez Makes Her Relationship Official For Five Seconds

I wonder what changed her mind! Jennifer Lopez shared a picture on her Instagram of her and her new rumored boyfriend Alex Rodriguez cozying up to each other. It was definitely a “we’re together picture.” BUT, she deleted the picture shortly after posting it. I’m sure it’s the same story, it’s nothing serious. Blah blah blah, they are just casually dating. Well, someone made Jennifer Lopez rethink her post! Right now they are enjoying a romantic weekend trip in the Bahamas.

Steve Harvey Needed 24 Hour Security After The Miss Universe Mistake

I can believe this big time. Steve Harvey opened up about all of the backlash that he got back in 2015 when he named the wrong Miss Universe. He said, “I live on a dead-end street — and it got real when things started coming over the gate. Empty boxes with bows and pictures of bombs. And these with death threats on social media that would pop up from fake IP addresses. I wound up with 24-hour armed security at my house. I have two armed guards there full-time to this day.” Even though it’s been more than a year, Steve Harvey said he won’t be coming to Columbia anytime soon.

Ed Sheeran Helps A Fan Out With Copyright Infringement

Ed Sheeran to the rescue! Charlotte Campbell, a British musician, put a 15-second performance of Ed Sheeran's song "Castle on the Hill" to Facebook and got a 3-day ban from the site because of it! Facebook considered it "copyright infringement." Well, that’s when Ed Sheeran stepped in. He posted a message on her Facebook page and said, "Just seen your video, [the ban] definitely has nothing to do with me...I bloody love seeing people cover my songs...I've had a word, and I'll get it sorted." Of course, Charlotte geeked out! Can you blame her? So call! I’m just imagining Ed Sheeran calling up Mark Zuckerberg haha!

Is Beyonce Having Twin Boys?

There’s a new fan theory! Even though Beyonce hasn’t revealed the sex of her twins, her fans are thinking that she’s expecting boys. Why? Well, Beyonce is known for her subtle hints and she posted a photo where she’s wearing the same earrings that she wore in her 2008 music video for “If I Were A Boy.” How fans remembered or noticed that beats me, but they think it means that Beyonce is expecting boys!

Jonah Hill Is Looking Slimmer Than Ever

Jonah Hill was spotted looking the thinnest he’s every been over the weekend! He’s working on getting in better shape after gaining weight for his 2016 move War Dogs. Jonah Hill said he even called Channing Tatum for tips and has been keeping a food journal since his doctor asked him to. Jonah Hill has lost a lot of weight before. Forty pounds back in 2011. But this is the best I’ve ever seen him look!