I Finally Tried A Home Chef Meal Delivery Service!

And this is how it turned out

February 28, 2017

Have you ever wondered about those home chef meal delivery services and if they are really good or worth it? Me too! I signed up for two and wanted to document my experience for people like me who were curious. Up first is Plated! 

On The Menu: Cuban Chicken Empanadas

First I had to chop up all the veggies in the box!

Then I had to season the chicken and put it with the veggies on a tray with olive oil. Into the oven it went for 15 minutes!

When done, I had to chop up the chicken and mix it in a bowl with the veggies and cheese!

Up next, start making the empanadas! Lay out the dough, and put a fourth of a cup of filling on each one!

Then fold the dough over and close it by pressing a fork on the edges! I was proud of myself after finishing this step. Some are better than others. Learning... no judgement please ;) You also have to make a slit at the top to help it cook all the way through!

Back in the oven it goes for 15 minutes. In the meantime, I made the sauce for the empanadas and the salad. Literally just combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix together!

Then it was time to take the empanadas out of the oven! 

Start plating...



I was impressed that I was able to do this all on my own. Easy instructions. The serving size was big and we were full! Between the two of us, we each got three empanadas and there was leftover chicken filling. The empanadas were a BIT dry, but that's what the sauce is for! Both the sauce and the salad were very light. The filling for the chicken and the seasoning was delicious! Overall, I was very pleased. The only complaint I have is that I got the box Saturday night and immediately put everything in the fridge like I would do if I went to the grocery store. I made this last night and the avocado and cilantro were already starting to turn a bit brown. The tomato was already a bit soft/mushy. I didn't expect things to start going bad that quickly. Other than that, I was a happy camper! As for time, the dinner is supposed to take forty five to fifty five minutes to make. It took me about an hour and fifteen minutes so not too bad... but it definitely took longer than estimated. I didn't mind that part at all though!

Next week I'm giving Blue Apron a try and will let you know which one I liked better!