Ed Sheeran Helped Elton John’s Music Sales

Can you guess how?

April 4, 2017

Ed Sheeran Helped Elton John’s Music Sales Go Up!

If you didn’t know Elton John helped get Ed Sheeran’s career off the ground. Till this day, Ed Sheeran is still managed by his company. Well the two are extremely close too, with Ed Sheeran coming to Elton John for advice. So it’s pretty funny how this story makes things come full circle. When Elton John was asked what he thinks about Ed Sheeran’s latest singles, “Shape Of You” and Castle On The Hill,” he said, “They're great. It's just so funny to hear him singing "Tiny Dancer" [in "Castle on the Hill"] I was very touched... My record company said, "You know what, we've done research that around the world: The streaming of 'Tiny Dancer' has gone up by 30 percent since that single came out." Isn't that weird?” He helps Ed, Ed helps him! Not that Elton John needs the help, but still :)

Is Chris Evans Done Playing Captain America?

Both men and women are going to be sad about this one. Chris Evans was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and confirmed that he is done playing Captain America because his contract is officially up after filming Avengers 4 later this year. Ellen DeGeneres didn’t press him on whether or not he’d return though because she already knows his future plans! Chris Evans and Ellen DeGeneres’ production company is doing his next movie, Jekyll. So bye, bye to Captain America… at least for a little while.

Harrison Ford Won’t Be Penalized For His Awful Plane Landing

Remember when Harrison Ford botched that landing and mistakenly flew over a jetliner that had 116 people on board back in February? Well it looks like he won’t be fined or lose his pilot’s license for the incident. The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed in a statement that there won’t be any repercussions for the mistake. Harrison Ford took responsibility for it and admitted to being distracted by the aircraft and the big turbulence from the landing.  Thankfully no one was hurt and he has learned his lesson. The FAA clearly seems to think he has.

Did Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Just Confirm Their Romance?

They just need to confirm it already! Or maybe this is their way of doing just that. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were spotted eating dinner together over the weekend in NYC. The two have been rumored to be dating since 2013, but both of their reps have denied it. They used to make sure that they were never seen in public together, until now!

Susan Sarandon And Julia Roberts Never Hated Each Other On The Set of “Stepmom”

It’s been 20 years since the movie Stepmom came out, and I had no idea that this was a think. Apparently there were rumors when the film came out that Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts would constantly fight on the set of the movie. Susan Sarandon for some reason is just squashing all of this now, saying, "Press printed that Julia & I hated each other during Stepmom. Found out it was my PR person creating rumors." I guess better late than never?