Ed Sheeran Has Another Trick Up His Sleeve

What is he about to do?

December 11, 2017

You’re Going To Have To Wait THIS Long For Stranger Things

If you're a fan of Netflix's hit sci-fi series Stranger Things, you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer to see the next season. David K. Harbour, who plays Chief Hopper on the show, recently broke the news that the show is "supposed to go into production around April" and that we probably won’t have the next season until 2019. He did say though that he thinks slower is better. So if you’re a fan of both Stranger Things and Game Of Thrones, you’re going to be waiting a while for your shows to come back.

Ed Sheeran Has Another Trick Up His Sleeve

Ed Sheeran may have just released a surprise duet with Beyonce, but that’s not how he plans on ending 2017. He said, "I do have one more trick up my sleeve. It's not like a 'Beyonce' trick but it's quite a cool trick...that's gonna come out quite soon. This next one no one's expecting either. It's more for, like, my dad's generation, I think.  It'll be out in a week. You'll see then." So what is it? It’s going to be another duet of his song “Perfect,” and this time it’s with Andrea Bocelli! The goal is to keep the song at the top of the charts through Christmas. I bet it sounds beautiful J

Treatment Of Carrie Fisher’s Dog Is Upsetting The Fisher Family

Carrie Fisher's French bulldog, Gary, is one of the most popular dogs on the planet right now, but his public appearances have upset the Fisher family. Here’s the deal. When Carrie Fisher died, the dog went to her assistant, Corby McCoin, who wants to take Gary to a bunch of different public appearances like ComicCons, where people can interact with Gary and somehow feel closer to Carrie Fisher. People over at Lucasfilm blocked the appearance. There was even a "Star Wars" celebration where Mark Hamill wanted Gary to come out on stage with him. It was shut down because Carrie Fisher’s daughter didn’t want it. She and her dad, want Gary to be nothing more than a dog, which is exactly what Gary is and was to Carrie Fischer when she passed away. They also don’t want Gary to define Carrie Fisher’s memory. They feel that it cheapens it.

Chance The Rapper Is Also A Weatherman!

Chance the Rapper is obviously a rapper, but he’s so much more than that! He’s also a weatherman. Chance the Rapper stopped by a Chicago news station to talk about his involvement with Chicago Public Schools and the $1 million donation he made to them… and he decided to give the weather a go! He definitely made the weather fun!