Do You Know About The "Coffee Trick" On An Airplane?

October 1, 2018

A flight attendant blew my mind over the weekend! I was out of town for a wedding and on my flight back to Memphis, I was seated at the back of the airplane in the very last row for the first time. Well, someone went to the bathroom on the flight and since we were seated directly in front of the bathroom... let's just say me and my husband could smell EVERYTHING. It was beyond foul. A flight attendant walked by and she got a wiff and helped us out!

She opened up a coffee bag and took the breathable bag that the coffee itself was in and started waving it in the air. Immediately, all we could smell was coffee! She handed us the bag and told us to hang on to it and use it again if we needed it. She said since she's clearly on planes a lot and has the pleasure of sitting right next to the bathroom too, she had to come up with tricks to help get rid of the smell and that the coffee bag works every time!

1. I love her, she instantly became my new best friend.

2. I will never sit in the last row of a plane ever again unless I have NO CHOICE.