Demi Lovato Cancels The Rest Of Her Tour

August 10, 2018

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Demi Lovato Cancels The Rest Of Her Tour

It looks like Demi Lovato means business this time when it comes to getting sober. She canceled the rest of the shows on her tour. So clearly Demi Lovato will be in treatment for a long amount of time. Refunds will be made available for everyone who bought tickets.

Kim Kardashian Is The Riskiest Celebrity Endorser For Fashion Brands

Eek, I never would have thought that Kim Kardashian would be considered a risky bet, but apparently she is. According to a report on celebrity endorsements from a research firm called Spotted, Kim Kardashian is the riskiest choice to hire as an ambassador for retail companies! Apparently she lacks consumer trust and businesses look at her as a risky hire! From her multiple social media controversies and what the public considers to be “inappropriate public behavior,” hiring Kim to endorse fashion products would be more of a negative than a positive thing!

Lance Bass May Have Lost The Brady Bunch House, But His Involvement With It Isn't Over

Lance Bass may have been outbid on The Brady Bunch house that he wanted by HGTV, but he still may be a part of the property's future! TMZ is reporting that HGTV has privately reached out to Lance Bass after he publicly said that the deal was shady. They are scheduled to meet next week to talk about him getting involved in the network's future plans with the house, which is to restore it to it's original 1970's form on the inside for a new TV show. It's not known right now what role Lance Bass would have in project, but my guess would be the host of the show! He's open to anything though.