The Daily Dish: Jennifer Lawrence Is Engaged

February 6, 2019

Jennifer Lawrence And Cooke Maroney Are Engaged

Jennifer Lawrence is off the market! She and her boyfriend Cooke Maroney are engaged. Jennifer Lawrence's rep has confirmed the news. The rumors started after Jennifer Lawrence was spotted wearing a huge diamond ring on her finger during a recent date night out. Jennifer Lawrence was first romantically linked to Cooke Maroney, who is an art gallerist, back in June 2018. They were introduced to each other by Jennifer Lawrence's best friend, Laura Simpson. Jennifer Lawrence has had many public relationships but has chosen to keep this one pretty private. Clearly for a good reason! Congratulations! 

Twitter Is Convinced That Adam Levine's Chest Tattoo Spells Out 'Bro' 

Maroon 5's Super Bowl halftime performance is still being spoken about days later, and it's not because of the singing. It's because of Adam Levine's nipple! Since Adam Levine took his shirt off during the performance, of course a lot of photos were taken. So now, the focus has turned to one of his many tattoos on his chest. Twitter users started to realize and tweet about whether his left chest tattoo spells out “BRO” with the “O” being his nipple. I'm going to debunk the rumor right now. As much as I'd love for this to be true, the "B" looks like a "D" to me, and I think it's a tribute to Adam Levine's daughter, Dusty Rose. Still funny that the tattoo can pass for 'BRO' though. Two tatts for the price of one, LOL! Take a look below and make up your own mind about it. :)

The Internet Is Obsessed With This Nicolas Cage/David Schwimmer Face Swap 

This is simply all I need to see today: Nicolas Cage’s face on Ross Geller’s body (as in Ross Geller, the character from Friends played by David Schwimmer). Why? Well, it turns out that putting Nicolas Cage's face on Ross Geller's body is a perfect match! In fact, it's better than that. Even though Nicolas Cage and David Schwimmer don't look alike, when you put Nicolas Cage's face on Ross Geller's body. it makes Ross look MORE like Ross! I can't even explain it! Just check it out for yourself below. David Schimmer is either love all of this or hating this right now. This is the second viral moment he's been involved in within the last few months. The first one was back in October when he looked a lot like a guy who stole some beer from a grocery store in England.