The Daily Dish: Channing Tatum Is Taking A Break From Social Media

August 7, 2019



Channing Tatum Is Taking A Break From Social Media

Channing Tatum is hoping to spark creativity again by taking a step back from the Internet. He announced that he'll be taking a social media break to start that inspiration. He posted Instagram, “I’m gonna take a break and come off socials for a minute. I’ve been trying to get inspired and create again. And to be honest I don’t really feel, or at least I haven’t felt very creative on social in the last couple years now... I’m gonna go and be just in the real world for a while and off my phone. I’ll probably come back at some point. But if I do I want to have a direction or a clear point of view of why I’m on here and what I’m putting out there. Love ya! See ya after a while!” I hope the break leads him to whatever he feels is missing!

The 2019 Emmys Won't Have A Host

The Emmys are following the lead of the Oscars. They are going hostless this year. Fox CEO Charlie Collier confirmed the news, explaining the decision was mostly to make more time to honor the shows we're losing in 2019. He said, "We're so proud to host the Emmys... We're happy to have it this year, we're passing it off to another network partner next year, so our job is to assess how to elevate the program in the year we're lucky enough to broadcast it, and what's interesting to me is how many amazing shows we're saying goodbye to—Game of Thrones, our own Empire, Veep, Big Bang Theory... If you have a host or an opening number, that's 15, 20 minutes that you can't use to salute the shows, and I look at the honor that it is broadcasting the Emmys... the producers have had to balance those tradeoffs, so we'll go hostless this year. I think it will give us more time to honor those shows." However, there will still be an opening number and "many surprises." The 2019 Emmys will air live on FOX on Sunday, Sept. 22nd.

A 'Home Alone' Reboot Is In The Works

NOOO! Disney has a 'Home Alone' reboot in the works, and the news has many fans upset. Disney head Bob Iger made the official announcement that 'Home Alone' would be getting a fresh update for the company’s streaming service, Disney+. Moments after the announcement was made, fans of the franchise started theorizing that an updated 'Home Alone' wouldn't work in today's technologically advanced society. Makes sense. Think about everything we have now, from smartphones to securty systems with cameras. Why can't we just leave some things alone?

Macaulay Culkin for the win though...