Can't Decide On Where To Go Out To Eat Tonight? Make A #WheelOfFood!

November 6, 2018

I have to give this man props! This dad's solution for deciding where to eat on date night is a game-changer. He's seriously a genius! After joking around with his 20-year-old son about how difficult it is to pick a restaurant for dates with his girflriend, Jerry Baker created a "Wheel Of Food" out of a kid's toy! It lists all of the couple's favorite restaurants in town. He did it because he was tired of asking his girlfriend what she wants for dinner and she would hit back with, "It doesn't matter." So, whenever she says that, he breaks the "Wheel Of Food" out! LOL! This is totally me and my hubbie every week! So to me, this is a brilliant idea. Check out the "Wheel Of Food" below and make one of your own so you never have to worry about deciding where to go out for dinner again! What would be on YOUR #WheelOfFood?