Britney Spears Joins The #FreeBritney Movement

May 14, 2019
Britney Spears performs at the First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Britney Spears Joins The #FreeBritney Movement

Say what now?! Britney Spears has joined the social media movement to free her from her conservatorship! When she was in court, Britney Spears told the judge that her father, Jamie Spears, committed her to a mental health facility a month ago against her will and also forced her to take drugs! Apparently her mother, Lynne Spears, told the judge the same thing! If you missed it, Britney Spears spent 30 days at an L.A. mental health facility after she started going downhill. She stopped taking the drugs that kept her stable after they stopped working and doctors still haven't been able to find the right combination for her. Here's where things get interesting though. Britney Spears' dad doesn't have the power under the conservatorship to either commit Britney Spears against her will or to give her drugs against her will. A mental health facility that accepted an adult patient against that patient's will when the conservator didn't have such power would be committing a crime. So Britney Spears asked for more freedom, but didn't get it. Instead, the judge has ordered an expert to evaluate Britney and until that happens there will be no change in the conservatorship.

Felicity Huffman Officially Enters Guilty Plea And Faces 4 Months In Prison

Felicity Huffman has entered a plea of “guilty” yesterday in a Boston, Massachusetts courthouse for her role in the college admissions scandal! During her appearance in court, the lawyers for the government told the judge in the case that they want Felicity Huffman to serve “around four months” in prison. Her sentencing hearing will happen on September 14th, which is when we will find out how much jail time she will actually get. Felicity Huffman will most likely also have to serve one-year of supervised release and owe $20,000 in fines. Felicity Huffman allegedly paid $15,000 to help raise her daughter’s SAT scores. Lori Loughlin, who is expected to serve way more jail time if she's charged, allegedly paid $500,000 to get her daughters into USC.

Fans Think Kim & Kanye West Named Their New Baby Boy...

Do we have a baby name? Fans think that we do! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West haven’t revealed the name of their fourth child, but fans think that Kim Kardashian has dropped a major hint! She tweeted over the weekend, “We celebrated our baby boy about a week ago and now he’s here! He’s so perfect! Here are some pics of my CBD baby shower. I was freaking out for nothing because he is the most calm and chill of all of my babies so far and everyone loves him so much.” She ended the tweet with a bear emoji. So fans think that the couple definitely named their fourth child Bear because of the bear emoji and the Chicago Bears. Remember, Chicago is where Kanye West is from and they named their third child after the city! I think that would be cute!