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Ariana Grande May Become Manchester’s First Honorary Citizen

How cool would that be?

June 15, 2017

Ariana Grande May Become Manchester’s First Honorary Citizen

Ariana Grande may be from the United States, but Manchester is proposing something pretty awesome. They want Ariana Grande to become the first honorary citizen of Manchester after her contributions to the city following the awful Manchester Arena attack. Manchester town hall officials have announced plans to recognize everything that she has done and honoring Ariana Grande is part of a larger proposal to be able to recognize those who have contributed to Manchester in a significant way. How great would that be! The proposal will go before the council on July 12th. 

Corinne Olympios Is Breaking Her Silence

Corinne Olympios wants to be heard after Bachelor In Paradise has stopped filming over allegations of sexual assault that involve her. In a statement released to E! News, Corinne Olympios said, "I am a victim and have spent the last week trying to make sense of what happened... Although I have little memory of that night, something bad obviously took place, which I understand is why production on the show has now been suspended and a producer on the show has filed a complaint against the production. As a woman, this is my worst nightmare and it has now become my reality. As I pursue the details and facts surrounding that night and the immediate days after, I have retained a group of professionals to ensure that what happened on June 4 comes to light and I can continue my life, including hiring an attorney to obtain justice and seeking therapy to begin dealing with the physical and emotional trauma stemming from that evening.” Uh oh! Not good for the show. Not good!

Katy Perry Is Against Award Shows

Katy Perry just did an interview with the New York Times and is sharing a thought that many other singers like Justin Bieber and Kanye West have shared. She said, “All the awards shows are fake, and all the awards that I’ve won are fake." She continued on to call awards "constructs," suggesting that they don't have audiences' true tastes in mind. Eek! Considering the fact that she has won so many awards and performed at so many shows, I wonder why she participates then!

Ryan Seacrest Almost Went Back To American Idol

Ryan Seacrest was offered a deal to sign on to the reboot of American Idol, and he struggled with the idea of whether or not he should take it. He told The Hollywood Reporter, "I've always loved the show. And if I could do it forever, I would do it forever.” He thought to himself “Who am I if not the ‘American Idol’ guy?” Basically it came down to returning to the show that made him a household name or embracing the next chapter of his life by doing Live With Kelly. Ryan Seacrest said that hasn’t nixed the idea of returning to American Idol altogether after execs have since come back though. So don’t count him out just yet!

Grammy Voters Can Now Vote Online

For the first time ever, Grammy voters for the 2018 awards show will be able to cast their votes online, instead of with paper ballots! The Recording Academy hopes that this will increase voter turnout and encourage younger members to vote! I think that would definitely work. We like things as easy as possible these days!