Are Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry Getting Engaged?

October 4, 2018
 Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom attend the Gala for the Global Ocean

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images


Are Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry Getting Engaged?

Are wedding bells in Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry's future? Us Weekly is reporting that getting engaged "is definitely a possibility in the future" for them! Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom dated from January 2016 to February 2017 and got back together in January of this year. Apparently they have worked out all of their issues and have great communication right now when it comes to what they want in life. This time around, the two of them are making sure that their relationship comes first.

Mischa Barton Joining The Hills Reboot

What? Why? MTV’s reboot of The Hills is getting a new cast member. Mischa Barton is joining The Hills: New Beginnings alongside Brody Jenner, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and Audrina Patridge. I was trying to understand the connection and it turns out that Mischa Barton was around back when the show first came out and went to all of the clubs. So producers think that she could make for good TV. So get ready for that! “The Hills: New Beginnings” is expected to premiere in 2019.

A Magazine Published A Fake Interview With Drew Barrymore

Don't believe everything you read! After a photo of an odd looking in-flight magazine interview with Drew Barrymore went viral this week, a bomb has just been dropped. The interview is fake! Drew Barrymore's spokesperson is saying that she “did not participate” in an interview with EgyptAir’s Horus magazine and that her team is “working with the airline PR team” to get the problem resolved. Adam Baron, a political analyst, tweeted a photo of the magazine that had the interview. The interview is kind of offensive, which is what tipped the reader off that something was up. The magazine addresses Drew Barrymore's "several unsuccessful marriages," implies that motherhood is an "unlimited vacation" and claims that Drew Barrymore has been "subconsciously seeking attention and care from a male figure" since her parents' divorce. Oh, and the article also has a bunch of grammatical errors. RED FLAG!